Where Can I Buy Long-Term Survival Food?

For most of us, it is a relatively simple task to ensure we have the recommended 3 to 15 days of emergency food supplies on hand. But what about a more catastrophic event? What if two weeks’ worth of food isn’t enough? Lucky for us, there are manufacturers and retailers that cover this long-term survival food need.

Why would I buy pre-packed long-term survival food as opposed to stockpiling it myself?

Without electricity, the only foods that will keep long-term are dehydrated, freeze-dried and canned. It would be especially difficult to stockpile one year’s worth of canned food items for your entire family if you are short on space. These manufacturers not only carry the product, they pack it neatly into easy-to-store containers.

Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center
 Nitro-Pak has been in business for over 25 years. They offer a variety of survival food supplies; dehydrated foods, freeze-dried foods, MREs, etc. Not only do they specialize in long-term survival food, they also offer many other emergency preparedness items.
1080 Serving Package Wise Food Storage offers ready-made meals with a shelf life of up to 25 years. The majority of their items are ready to eat after heating in the pouch or adding boiling water. In addition to their long-term food supplies, they also offer short-term outdoor kits. Wise Company also has a calculator on their site to help you assess your family’s needs. FREE Shipping on all Wise Food Storage purchases. Use coupon code CJFS


Free Shipping on Long Term Food Storage
My Food Storage has one-year food supply kits pre-packed and ready to go if that is what you are looking for. This kit is fit for four adults or two adults and four children. The site also offers smaller long-term food storage kits and survival kits for “bugging out.”


Get your supply of storable food at eFoodsDirect.com! They have a wide variety of options, from one month to one year. In addition to their food storage line, they also offer MREs and emergency supplies.


If food allergies or preferences are a concern, most merchants will either have ingredients listed for each item or mark them with symbols. Refer to FAQ or Help pages for further assistance.

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