Top Gear to Survive SHTF Apocalypse Now: The Gear You Need to Survive Doomsday

The List of the TOP Gear You Need to Survive Doomsday

Of Course we all know the top items on everyone’s list of essentials is food and water. What about the five B’s: building, bullets, beans, bacon, and buckshot or how about the Mormon Four: wheat, honey, powdered milk, and salt. We can get all kinds of information from the Mormon’s and from many of others on prepping now days thanks to the internet. Adam has done a nice job of laying out a few good ideas in this must read article.

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A global financial meltdown. A nuclear holocaust. A zombifying plague. An asteroid strike. Four horsemen descending from the sky. The world as we know it could end in any number of ways.

A five-month hell on Earth for nonbelievers before the universe self-annihilates (or something) starts this Saturday, May 21, according to a fringe Christian radio broadcaster in California. End Times Math: The Equation That Predicts May 21 Judgment Day

Whatever the flavor, degree and likelihood of your preferred doomsday scenario, you will wish should such a day arrive that you had prepared for it.

Dozens of websites and books offer advice on supplies to have on hand and in stock if “the end of the world as we know it” – TEOTWAWKI, as it’s known in survivalist circles – comes to pass. Here, then, is a rundown of the supplies you’ll need to ensure that this proverbial “end of days” is not an end for you and yours, but rather a new beginning. Could Cockroaches Really Survive a Nuclear Blast?


Since people began building fallout shelters during the Cold War, canned nonperishable food has been recognized as great to have around when the going gets tough. Freeze-dried food and MRE (Meal, Ready-to-Eat) military rations with years of shelf life are also good options that take up less space per available calorie. Doomsday Facts (and Fictions)

If the day of reckoning stretches on beyond a few months, however, the ability to grow one’s own food will become paramount. Seeds and gardening tools, therefore, should be on everyone’s doomsday supply list. Opt for so-called heirloom seeds. These seeds yield disease-resistant crops that produce yet more seeds season after season, unlike hybrid seeds used for mass-cultivated, commercial crops, which can develop into sterile plants.

Growing potatoes might be your best bet. They will do well in most climate zones in the United States and nutritionally are, “pound for pound, one of the most efficient things you can grow,” said Jim Rawles, who runs, an online clearinghouse of advice on survivalism and preparation.

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