The Top 10 Major Threats for Doomsday Preppers in America

What Do Doomsday Preppers in America Consider the Top 10 Major Threats to Prep For?

Will it be a solar flare, EMP attack, terrorist attacks with dirty bombs, New Madrid Earthquake, Nuclear War or World War III? Get into the minds of Doomsday Preppers —

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Doomsday Preppers and Why They “Prep”

Looking at Doomsday Preppers, just what are the top ten threats to America and the rest of the planet?

A natural disaster like a hurricane or earthquake or tornado is too localized to be considered a major threat to America or other nations to make this list.

Though a hurricane or series of deadly tornadoes can seem like the end of the world to people in the middle of the danger zone, it doesn’t make my list today — not unless we’re talking about a hurricane the size of 15 states (the biggest hurricane the modern world has ever seen) that hits the Pacific or Atlantic Coast, wiping out 5-10% of the entire population; a hurricane perhaps the size of a hurricane Nasa’s telescopes can see happening on other planets.

Or unless the disaster is the “New Madrid Earthquake” discussed on a Doomsday Prepper episode (read more below) that scientists say can wreak havoc along the mid-portion of the American heartland where the Mississippi River would then become an ocean, seperating the eastern portion of the United States from the western states.

The Top 10 Biggest Threats to America

So, with “average” natural disasters disqualified from this list for being too “localized” and not affecting a wide enough area, let’s count down the list of the ten biggest threats to America that a number of our friends at Doomsday Preppers are prepping for, as well as a couple more that they’re not prepping for yet, but just maybe they should. Starting with # 10:

Solar Flare

When you hear about people prepping for a doomsday disaster caused by a solar flare — well, I have to say it seemed a bit overboard, a lot like a person prepping for a zombie apocalypse — not a very likely scenario. On a recent episode of Doomsday Preppers one man was prepping his family for the consequences of a collapse of the power grid from a massive solar flare. I decided to do some checking up on this — coincidentally NBC News reports that same day that earth got extremely lucky — a solar flare just took place (what amounts to a tsunami on the sun in the words of NBC’s Brian Williams), but it happened on the far side of the sun. The resulting explosion of radiation from the flare went in the opposite direction of the earth. Brian Williams then says that scientists believe a solar flare could take place within the next year that would cripple the earth’s power grid. See: NBC News 11-20-2012 “Giant Solar Flare Erupts”.


What it is: EMP stands for “electromagnetic pulse”. This is created when a nuclear weapon is detonated; for an electromagnetic pulse to be a danger to a wide area (such as the continental United States), the explosion has to occur high up in the atmosphere about mid-way over the United States (for optimal coverage). The emp will fry electrical circuits across the power grid, including your car’s electrical system. Cell phone networks will go down; television networks will go down; radio stations (and their equipment) would be destroyed. Hospitals will power down. Prisons will power down. The internet will be gone. Electricity will be a thing of the past — or will it? Civilization may go off line for a time, but slowly the lights are going to come back on as new power stations are built, new hydroelectric dams put in place — but you can bet it’s going to be a slow long road as even the modern day tools that are used for massive building projects (such as a hydroelectric dam) are useless, important electrical circuits fried by the global electromagnetic pulse resulting from a nuclear detonation.

According to one Doomsday Prepper there are steps a person can take to protect electrical devices at home — that is to build (or own) a small metal box called a “Faraday Cage”. What is said to happen is that the metal box protects items inside from an electromagnetic pulse — causing the pulse to flow around the box and unable to reach electrical devices inside. These devices could be an emergency AM/FM radio, two-way radio, solar battery charger, small generator, emergency medical equipment, inverters, and a laptop or external hard-drive (should either have important documents or ebook downloads you want to hold onto and not lose). A Faraday Cage can apparently be built out of scrap metal or simply metal containers — even an old microwave could be considered is what one writer claims.

How much weight is there to the risk of an EMP attack? Quite a bit. Many scientists have sounded off in a number of government reports about the ever present threat of an EMP… whether it’s the result of a terrorist attack or the result of an attack by a foreign government using a single nuclear weapon (or even more than one should Russia or China be involved) detonated high in the atmosphere over the United States.

National Geographic has a documentary on an EMP and the probable consequences titled Electronic Armageddon.

By: Mark Lawrence,

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