Survival Guides for Any Situation

You can stockpile food and water to last you months, but should a disaster situation happen how will you actually “survive?” Knowledge is power.

Yes. It is important to have food, water and first aid supplies for your family. But, they will not help you solve potential life-threatening problems that may arise during an emergency. Survival guides can give you the information you need to keep your family alive and safe.

The survival skills necessary may vary by location or event. A disaster occurring in a densely populated city would likely require a few different skills than if you happen to live in a rural desert environment. And a hurricane may require different survival skills than a nuclear disaster.

A survival guide for any situation will teach you to be prepared for any situation. Many motorists traveling through the desert do not plan for a breakdown, but it happens. If you were prepared, you would have your emergency survival gear such as hats, water, a signaling mirror and matches with you. The best survival guides would also teach you to never wander far from your vehicle. While it may get too hot inside to be considered safe, search teams are likely going to locate your vehicle first.

Urban survival comes with its own set of unique circumstances. With a large concentration of people, there may be looting and riots should food and water supplies run out. This is why it is so important that your family has a stockpile of supplies. There is a good chance your grocery store shelves will be empty within two or three days of a disaster striking. In addition to food and water (a good filter or purification tablets), you should also have masks on hand to protect against airborne contaminants.

Wilderness survival will require special supplies and skills depending on the location. Your survival backpack should include not only high calorie food bars and a water filter; you will also need shelter, matches, a knife and compass.

The best disaster survival guides will provide you with the checklists and mental tools to survive in any location short-term and long-term. In addition to the mental and physical tools, you will also gain the confidence to avoid the biggest threat in any disaster – panic.

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