Review of the Bison Water Pump

If You Are Interested In the Bison Water Pump Read This.

As we all know water will be one of the most precious commodities in SHTF. If you have a water well you need a Bison Water Pump. With this pump you don’t need electricity, solar panels & batteries. All you to do is pump it by hand.

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Hello, I’m also one who has a Bison Pump in my basement. My well surface level is low enough that I can pump water into my basement, if needed. Like the other author said, all I have to do is turn two valves.

I’m in the process of selling my house, so I have a document written up for the new buyer explaining our water system. I’m attaching a word document detailing the Bison Pump side of it.

A few months after we moved in– seven years ago– a massive wind storm took down trees and power lines in our area. We were without power for almost a week. No power also meant no running water. Fortunately, it was fall, so temperatures weren’t an issue. However, we decided we needed to do something in the event this happened again so that we’d have water. My wife did some research and found Bison Pumps. We checked our well surface level, and since our basement is technically downhill from our well and underground, there’s a good chance we could even siphon water if we needed to, so this pump was a good choice for us.

Bison Pumps builds the pump to your specifications. If space is an issue, they can have the handle at a 90 degree angle to the spigot. We chose to keep it at 180 degrees. Initially, I had the pump facing the opposite direction; however, most people in the house are right handed, so it made more sense for the handle to be on the right side.

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