Prince Charles Say’s Climate Change Doomsday Deadline Will Be In 33 Years

Climate Change? Now Prince Charles Has Changed the Doomsday of Climate Change by 33 Years.

If you are one who is concerned about climate change you might should read this. Ho come these so called leaders and experts keep extending the time frame for these extreme changes to happen? I personally believe that our planet goes through cycles and along with the sun play the major factors on what our climate is doing. Man is but a blink in the eye on this planet and what we have done thus far has had negligible impact on this planet. For every scientist saying different I could give you one that agrees with my opinion. Heck the simple fact that the ice sheets are larger now than 10 years ago is why these crazy people have changed the term from “Global Warming” to climate change. Prior to that back in the 70’s it was called “A New Ice Age”.

Let us know your thoughts below.

Prince Charles is warning that there are only 35 years left to save the planet from climate disaster, which represents a 33-year extension of his previous deadline.

In March 2009, the heir to the British throne predicted that the world had 100 months “before we risk catastrophic climate change,” as pointed out by Climate Depot’s Marc Morano.

“Prince Charles gives world reprieve: Extends ‘100-Month’ climate ‘tipping point’ to 35 more years,” says the Tuesday headline on the Climate Depot website.

The British blog Not A Lot of People Know That announced in a July 19 post, “Charlie Gives Us a Reprieve!”

Prince Charles, who updated his forecast in a July 18 interview with the Western [U.K.] Morning News prior to his visit to the West country, began issuing warnings six years ago about imminent ecological disaster driven by climate change.

“The best projections tell us that we have less than 100 months to alter our behavior before we risk catastrophic climate change,” the Prince of Wales said in a speech in Rio de Janeiro, as reported by the [U.K.] Telegraph.

By: Valerie Richardson – The Washington Times

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