Prepping With Pets

A reader left a great comment on a post last week about including pets in your doomsday prepping plans. This is such an important factor, and one that is often overlooked. Our pets have had their own little “bug out bag” of sorts for quite some time simply because we live in the Midwest. The threat of tornadoes is something we plan for every spring. That preparation includes putting together their little pack of necessities for emergency evacuation. Here are a few things to include in your doomsday prepping supplies for your pets.

Leashes – If your pet is not normally taken out on a leash, you should make the small investment for a leash and collar. This will help keep your pet under control in a possible panic situation.

Crate – You can’t plan for every possible situation. Having a crate on hand will allow you to safely leave your pet with a relative, neighbor or vet. If you need to vacate to a new location, a crate can help your pet adjust to new surroundings. Many pets find their crates comforting. It is in essence their “cave.” If possible, take their home away from home in an emergency.

Food and Water – You can get around 30 pounds of dry food in a good-size plastic tote. Depending on the size and number of pets, this may last them awhile. And you should store their food in plastic totes. If not, you will be attracting rodents in no time. Increase your water stores to accommodate your pets’ needs.

Medications – If your pet has special needs, talk to your vet about having a little extra on hand. You will need to verify the shelf-life and plan usage accordingly.

Pets are able to adapt to new situations rather quickly – likely a lot quicker than us. When planning for a disaster situation, include your pets. Make sure their basic needs are covered, but there is no need to invest in those luxuries you are providing them with now. After a few days, they likely won’t be complaining as much as the kids about no longer having “the good stuff.” You may find they happily tag along in any situation and with whatever supplies you have stocked.

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