Prepare Now for Long-Term Drought Effects

It likely isn’t breaking news that much of the U.S., over 60% right now, is in the midst of a drought. This is the largest area since the 1930s and 1950s. Unfortunately, this is also the growing season for much of our crops; corn, hay, wheat, soybeans. And, we aren’t the only ones. Russia, China, North Korea and many European countries are also feeling the impact of an extended dry spell.

The news continues to worsen:

      • These same crops we rely on as a food source are also a food source for livestock. This is livestock we depend on not only for food, but also for milk, eggs and other dairy products.
      • We had a drought last year as well. We have already been tapping into food stores because of that situation.
      • Our grocery prices are already elevated due to a number of economic and environmental factors. Because of this drought, they are expected to raise another 3-5% by 2013 – only six months away.

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Preparing for Long-Term Drought Effects

DT-2Sadly, we may only have a short window of time to prepare before the full impact of this drought will be felt. Do what you can now to cushion your family’s wallet and food stores.

1. There is speculation that many farmers will need to reduce their livestock herds within the next few weeks. This means we may see a drop in meat, poultry and dairy prices before they go through the roof. When you see these prices fall, stock up. Budget for this now. Buy a dehydrator or extra canning supplies if necessary.

2. Start implementing water conservation practices, if you haven’t already. Consider investing in a rain harvesting barrel to capture any rain you may get. This can be used for gardening, sanitation and consumption if necessary.

3. How are your drinking water stores? The drought may cause drinking water shortages in some locations. Stock up on drinking water and water purification items.

4. There is no better time to start urban farming that right now.


The fact of the matter is we are in a dire situation right now though the full impact has yet to be felt. This year’s severe drought will likely affect us for the next year or two. Do what you can now to lessen the impact on your family.

What are you doing to prepare for effects of the drought? 

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