Pacific Northwest Mega Earthquake?

An Overdue Doomsday Earthquake Could Completely Destroy The Pacific Northwest!

We all prep for different reasons but if you live in the Pacific Northwest one of the things you should prep for is the Mega Earthquake that scientist state is overdue. This article short article should put this possibility into your mind and you should prepare NOW.

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Once the massive earthquake hits northern California, Oregon, Washington and Vancouver, the entire coastline is expected to sink at least six feet in less than five minutes.

According to peer review studies recently highlighted in a New Yorker article, a giant earthquake is expected to hit the Pacific Northwest along the Cascadia subduction zone and strike an area that’s currently ill-prepared to handle its consequences.

The Cascadia subduction zone is a fault line that runs from Cape Mendocino in northern California to Vancouver Island, Canada. It sits next to Juan de Fuca, an oceanic plate that continuously pushes against the North American continental plate.

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