“Murder of Millions of Israeli Americans – Doomsday” per Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz has Warned about the Doomsday Murder of Millions for Israeli Americans…

Not sure how any of you feel about Ted Cruz but he is doing it again. In my opinion one of the only people in DC who has not been bought off. He is constantly standing up for all Americans and this is one of those stories. If you don’t know who Ted Cruz is do yourself a favor and read this article and then do your own research on the man. I for one would vote for this man.

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Ted Cruz’s worst fear about the nuclear deal with Iran? That “millions of Americans will be murdered by radical theocratic zealots.”

Speaking to reporters in the Capitol on Tuesday afternoon, the Texas senator and conservative presidential aspirant laid out several doomsday scenarios of what would happen if Iran acquires a nuclear weapon, which Cruz and many GOP critics charge is more likely under the agreement negotiated by Tehran’s leaders and the international community.

President Barack Obama and his administration argue that under the deal Iran’s ability to quickly make a bomb will be hamstrung, and that doing nothing would actually accelerate Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

But Cruz said if Iran were to acquire a bomb, he fears the detonation of a nuclear weapon over Tel Aviv, Israel’s second-largest city, that would “murder vast numbers of Palestinians” and Israeli Jews.

“The odds are unacceptably high that they would view the murder of those Palestinians is perfectly acceptable collateral damage to annihilating millions of Jews,” Cruz said.

By Burgess Everett with Politico.

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