ISIS Has a Plan to Draw the U.S. into WAR

Islamic State Plans to Invade India in a Bid to Draw America into an All-Out War with the Caliphate…

This is what ISIS has always wanted, to try and destroy the United States through war. Will it happen?

Let us know your thoughts below.

A nefarious plot to draw the United States into armed conflict with Islamic State has been revealed in a top-secret document. In an attempt to bring about “the end of the world,” the document states that ISIS will invade India in a bid to draw the U.S. into an all-out war with the caliphate.

Passed to the American Media Institute by a Pakistani citizen connected to the Taliban, the Urdu document proves the evil ambition of Islamic State.

The terrorist group is urging the units of the Pakistani and Afghan Taliban into one army with ISIS. They are also asking rival faction al-Qaeda to join ISIS to forge a caliphate.

“Accept the fact that this caliphate will survive and prosper until it takes over the entire world and beheads every last person that rebels against Allah,” the document reads.

The document says that reparations for an attack on India are already underway, in  which ISIS leaders hope concludes with a war with the U.S.

By: Catholic Say

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