The “Family Survival Course” My Review

This course will help you to not waste as much time or money as I did in becoming prepared.


Reasons to Prep!

If you are here at my website you know a lot of people are really concerned for the safety of their families now days. There has been a lot going on in prepping and survivalism over the past decade. With the current government extreme leftist administration trying to change our country away from the US Constitution, the possibility of WW III, the fear of an extreme economic collapse, government making all kinds of attempts to take away firearms from the people; our 2nd amendment of the constitution, not to mention numerous possible other scenarios people are really worried.

The Family Survival Course has become the go to guide for a lot of families who are taking action in what is unfamiliar for most, prepping & survivalism so they will be able to take care of their families if or more likely when SHTF. In the past the response from the government to life threatening circumstances or events has been horrible. This demands that you and your family members are taught how to survive and prepare for such possible events. You will not be able to rely on the government that is for sure. The truth is no matter how the media tries to lead you that things are fine, it is just the opposite.

I have spent a lot of money and time over the years preparing, myself and my family for any type of dooms day event. With 911, Katrina Hurricane and other horrible scenarios, have changed the way a lot of us think. This was my reasons for getting into prepping in the first place. I have read many, many books on the subject with some being full of information that was useless and a waste of money and some not bad at all.

The simple fact is that you do not need to become an expert before you can survive a crisis. It is not even vital that you act like those who are in those ‘Survival Shows’; making use of sticks or stones to build a fire or going to the extreme to the determent of your life and family. There are some important skills that you do need to learn though that will save you from unnecessary challenges when there is a crisis.

The availability of the Family Survival Course has made it easier for any family to survive any type of SHTF situation. There are lots of reasons why you should learn survival skills and about prepping. With the world the way it is today you need to learn how to keep your family in one piece. Government issues, possible economic collapse, weather conditions, fire outbreaks and lots more of doomsday scenarios are reasons why you should be able to make use of this course.

Think about this, our country is on the verge of an economic collapse and there are all kinds of doomsday type events in the news that could be coming our way, so do you want to be prepared just in case or would you prefer to end up relying on the government and in a FEMA camp. Look at a lot of the farm land across the country even the world, it is becoming harder and harder for farmers to keep up with the demand of the world’s food consumption. There are constant unusual weather conditions all over the world that are knocking out crops. Not to mention that terrorism is on the rise. When any of these circumstances get out of hand, it may only require a few hours of survival skills and instincts to live the next day.

This is what would give you the edge of what is needed and it is the Family Survival Course, and what it is all about. The fact that we do not know when the next disaster will happen or how to predict the future is what makes us understand that we need to be survivalist and preppers, especially when it comes to keeping our families alive and together. If you are unable to create a plan now, the government has one for you called FEMA camps. My family and I for one will not be in a FEMA camp. It will not be a place any one wants to be as I am sure you have heard of what happens in such a place. You and your family will have to struggle with others for food and water no matter what the government or media tells you.

Now on to my review of this course.

My Review of the Family Survival Course

The Family Survival Course has received a huge amount of hype in the past few years and has even been featured on many websites and in the news.

PFDD_77But the question remains…

Does the Family Survival Course deliver on its promises and does it live up to the hype?

Read on to find out about the pros and cons of the Family Survival Course and to get a “sneak peek” at what’s in it…before I get to all that however, let me give you an overview of exactly what the Family Survival Course is:

This course blew me away with all its content and thoroughness of its information. Why Do You Need the Family Survival Course? Besides the information I have already stated the Family Survival Course will teach you what you need to do now and in any SHTF situation without having to spend a ton of money and hours reading hundreds of books when everything you need is in this course. A lot of experience and research has been put together in making the Family Survival Course by a Veteran Marine Jason Richard. This is the life-saving guides you should not be without. When you are prepared, there is no need to be a victim; you will be a survivalist and a leader.

The Design of Family Survival Course

Family Survival Course will teach you a lot of things. This is some of what this course will provide for you:

  1. A Plan
  2. How to Prepare
  3. Master what to do in an emergency situation
  4. Develop long term skills that will be very important in such situations

The information that has been provided has been tried and is true. All of the information and advice has been made possible through trial and error experiments over time by the author. What this means is that it is going to be a survivalist/ prepping bible that will make you self-sufficient and give you the skills needed for any disaster or emergency situation.

You will learn how to lead your family to safety and ensure that you are safe during an emergency.

The Functionality of this Course:

The Family Survival Course has been formulated to make it easy for anyone and everyone to learn a full understanding and knowledge of what is required during an emergency.

  1. The text has been prepared in such a way that the principles are applicable to every stage with ease to follow examples.
  2. A checklists is provided that will make it easy at every stage of the course to make it easy to implement.
  3. There are real examples that have been used to make it real and practical during real life situations.
  4. You are walked through the process to help you become self-sufficient.


The course tackles five main topics, following an introduction into the urgency of learning to be aware of and survive potential threats, either natural or manmade. These five topics are as follows:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Self-defense
  • Herbal medicine

This guide will help you understand everything that you need to know about thriving and surviving in times of unforeseen circumstances that can affect the safety of your family.

Pros of the Family Survival Course

There have been a lot of questions about this course; a lot of people are wondering if it is useful or not. Below I have listed some of the pros I think are important;

  1. There are a lot of important points and some guidelines that have been mentioned. The video that is used has made it so simple for everyone that makes use of this course.   The video has been designed to teach you how you will take care of you and your family with food during a crisis. It has about 44 different types of foods that you can store for any survival reason.
  2. You are taught how to get your water purified through different means with the easy video.
  3. Health is another one of the main spotlights which will show you how to make use of herbal medicine. The video that is used in the course highlights how to make use of herbs and how they are prepared to boast the human immunity.
  4. You are taught a step by step procedure on how to handle energy/ electricity during a crisis. Energy is an important factor when there is crisis and for you to understand what to do with energy during this time.
  5. The course will teach you how to protect your family members with self-defense.
  6. The course teaches people how to handle any type of life threatening situation.
  7. It is very resourceful and simple to understand.
  8. The course is not all about reading, the practicability of the course is what makes it fun to practice.
  9. It shows you how to get started and to continue your preps without spending a ton of money,
  10. The different steps that have been highlighted are written with real life experience that would benefit every person who makes use of this course.
  11. It will also save you a ton of money on having to buy any other books because everything you need to know is in this course.


In an honest and fair review I must point out some of the cons that are associated with the Family Survival Course;

  1. There is a discussion of bugging out that I do not fully agree with. I am all for surviving in place. All though it is probably important information for someone who lives in a city.
  2. Some parts of the course are known to be relatively short and do not give enough detail.
  3. Some of the information that is covered may be considered really far out there and not explained the way I would have done it.

In all fairness I must also mention there are a few alternatives to this course such as the “Prepping for Pennies”, and “Conquering the Coming Collapse”. These two are decent but in my opinion not quite as good as the Family Survival Course. I will most likely do a review of each in the near future.

The course has about 323 pages and it is undeniable that this is indeed a very great guide packed full of information that if you had to get elsewhere would require a ton of books to get. The practical and detailed information in the course is what makes it exceptional. It will help you save money because the tips provided are on how you can make use of affordable and low cost items. After you purchase this course, you are guaranteed a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with it.


You will be far behind in handling a crisis if you do not make use of this course. The Family Survival Course could have saved a large portion of my 10 years in personal research if I had known about it before I ventured into finding solutions to safeguarding myself and my family in any type of disaster. Today, you do not need to spend a lot of money or time to become an expert in handling a crisis and becoming a leader and a survivalist. You can learn in days what it took me years to learn. The way that this course has been designed is what will help you survive any type of SHTF scenario. Give it a try you will be unhappy that you did. We must not wait for disaster to happen before we get prepared. You must get prepared now before it is too late.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this product is the best on the internet for people looking to be prepared for the next SHTF scenario.

Check out the official website for the Family Survival Course here:

P.S – The Family Survival Course has been the top selling set of prepping courses for the last couple of years now – I’m not the only one who has been impressed by what Jason put together!


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