Essential Survival Gear: Emergency Fuel Bucket

The ability to create a fire would likely be imperative in a survival situation. A fire can be used for warmth, to boil water for safe drinking and for cooking food. However, it can be downright dangerous to store traditional fuel sources, such as gasoline. Homes and lives are lost every year due to improper fuel storage. That is why an emergency fuel bucket is a piece of essential survival gear.

Trying to start a fire in a stressful situation can be more than nerve-racking. The panic that often ensues can make a bad situation even worse. If you don’t think ahead to how you will start a fire if need be, your family could be in trouble quickly.

Wise Food Storage has emergency preparedness products available called WiseFire. This is the ideal source of emergency fuel for disaster prepping and outdoor use. There are a few things that make WiseFire a good buy for your emergency survival kit:

  • Unlike gasoline, propane or diesel, WiseFire is safe to store, even near food, and has a shelf-life of up to 25 years.
  • It is nonvolatile, so there is no risk of flare-ups or spontaneous combustion.
  • It lights the first time and it burns in wind, sleet, rain or snow.
  • WiseFire is a clean alternative fuel source that burns “green.” That means no chemicals to harm your family. (No benzene.)
  • It is so clean that the leftover ash is a natural fertilizer. You do not need to worry about proper disposal of any remains. The waste left behind will nourish the soil.
  • It has an extended burn time.


When it comes to survivalist gear, you always need to prepare for a heat source and a way to cook your food or boil water if needed. Depending on where you live, locating and cutting firewood may not be so easy. And even then, you can’t burn firewood if it is wet or in the elements.

WiseFire is available in a variety of sizes from convenient pouches to 4-gallon buckets. The lightweight containers stack and store easily. Their lightweight design makes them easy to transport if need be. And WiseFire is inexpensive! Get a 1-gallon bucket for only $29.99.

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