eFoodsDirect Review

Emergency food kits are a staple for most doomsday preppers. We need food to survive, but stockpiling for the long-term can be troublesome. Shelf life is a big concern as is necessary storage space. There are several companies today that specialize in long-term food kits. This is an eFoodsDirect review for one such company.

Why You Should Invest in Emergency Food Storage

There are several reasons that you should purchase shelf stable food kits. In addition to potential natural or man-made disasters, these kits can literally be lifesavers in the event of job loss, food shortages, injury or illness, or even a personal financial disruption. Their portability makes them great for campers or long-haul truck drivers. The price per serving is low and food kits are an affordable investment for most.

EFoodsDirect Review

As is the norm with emergency food supplies, products from eFoodsDirect has a shelf life of up to 25 years. There are two main categories of foods; Responder Kits which are prepackaged meals that can be prepared with only water and Reserve Paks which are bulk ingredients that can be used for your own recipes.

Healthfulness – Nutrition is a big concern of eFoodsDirect. Each product on the website includes nutritional icons such as Vegetarian, High in Fiber, Cholesterol Fee, No MSG, Gluten Free and much more. If you family has dietary restrictions or personal diet preferences, you will likely find items here that will meet your needs without having to compromise.

Cost Comparison – The price for a 90-day food supply for four adults (or two adults and four children) is considerably lower through eFoodsDirect.com. At Wise Food Storage, the 1,080 serving kit is $2,060. At eFoodsDirect, the 1,140 serving kit is $1,447. That is less than $1.50 per serving. An additional week of food is currently included for free. The one-year kit is $6,650 at Wise Food Storage and only $4,995 at eFoodsDirect. With the one-year kit, eFoodsDirect includes an additional 4-week supply at no charge. That is an additional savings for almost $600.

Storage – The one year kits come in stackable totes. An entire year’s supply of food will then fit into less than a cubic yard. You can store enough food to feed your family for a year in a space equivalent to a washing machine.

Taste – Pretty darned good. Try the Beef Stroganoff and Cheesy Potato Soup. And you get a lot more for your money in terms of portions. Servings from eFoodsDirect are 1 cup; those from Wise Food are 2/3 cup in size.


Investing in cheap, fast, and easy food from eFoodsDirect.com is a good investment.

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