Doomsday Theory: Solar Flare Survival

Perhaps the most popular doomsday theory going right now is the solar storm. The sun is currently in an active phase of its 11-year cycle. This active phase is expected to peak in 2013. Though much of what we will experience here on Earth is nothing more than awesome Northern Lights shows, there is a bigger threat. X-class solar storms could throw us back into the Dark Ages.

One of the biggest complications with preparing for how to survive a solar flare is that we just don’t know. We have never experienced a major storm. There was a flare in 1859, but their major setback was no telegraph service for a few days.

We are dependent upon electric grids and satellite devices. A solar storm may mean no electricity, no means of communication, no radio, no television, no cell phones or landlines, no way to be sure what is going on “out there.” Transportation via airplane or ship may become unavailable as GPS devices can’t be trusted. Banks may go offline. These effects may not only last several weeks or months.  They will also likely have a long-term economic impact.

[Midnight sun in Advent Bay, Spitzbergen, Norway] (LOC)

Advance Warning: Yes. However, it may only be a few hours.


Bug In or Bug Out: Bug In. The first thing you need to do when you receive warning that a solar flare is approaching is to unplug everything. Everything! If you are able to disconnect your home from the power source, do so. There is a serious risk for power surges that could cause a fire.

If you have time to disconnect the batteries in your vehicles, do that also. Automobiles may not function following a solar storm anyway. Those batteries may come in handy down the road. Get them disconnected from a potential power surge.


Must Have Survival Gear: In addition to the general provisions outlined in the DIY survival gear checklist, you may also want to consider:

  • Safe Room – Electromagnetic radiation is a huge concern with solar flare survival.
  • Bike – The electrical systems in automobiles may be damaged by solar flares. If you can’t drive, ride.
  • Long-Term Rations – Two weeks’ worth of provisions won’t likely cut it for solar flare survival. We may be looking at weeks or months. Six to twelve months of supplies are often recommended when discussing this doomsday theory. You may want to look into merchants that sell pre-packed long-term foods.

There are also suggestions, though no scientific proof, those solar flares can cause an increase in weather and geological events (hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.)  Having a well-rounded safety plan is your family’s best bet for solar flare survival.

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