Doomsday Prepping Glossary of Terms

There are hundreds of unique terms and acronyms that are frequently used when discussing emergency preparedness or “doomsday prepping.” Here is a list of terms you may find around the ‘net.


ARC – American Red Cross

BOB – Bug-Out Bag

BOL – Bug-Out Location is a locale designated in advance in the event you and your family must evacuate your home after a disaster.

CBCitizen Band radio 

CME – Coronal Mass Ejections have become a popular doomsday theory in recent years. These large clouds of plasma and magnetic energy erupt from the Sun and can race towards Earth. They have the potential of causing widespread damage to the power grid.

DFO – Disaster Field Offices are temporary headquarters for FEMA during a disaster.

DHS – Department of Homeland Security is a relatively new agency formed in 2002. It responds to threats and hazards in the U.S.

EARS – Emergency Animal Response Services are often coordinated for animal sheltering and services during a disaster. This service is managed by UAN (United Animal Nations).

EAS – Emergency Alert System

EMS – Emergency Management Systems are available nationwide on a local level. These first responders include fire, law enforcement, paramedics, etc.

EMP – ElectroMagnetic Pulses are bursts of electromagnetic energy that can harm electrical devices, including utility grids. EMPs may be caused by nuclear explosions or fluctuations in magnetic fields.

FAK – First Aid Kit

FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency is a division of the Department of Homeland Security. Their mission is to protect the U.S. from all hazards and reduce the loss of life and property during an emergency.

Green – Environmentally-friendly practices such as recycling, reusing and reducing waste.

HAZMAT – Hazardous Material

HDR – Humanitarian Daily Rations are primarily used during humanitarian crises. The food selection is usually designed to meet a variety of religious and ethnic requirements (no meat products). HDRs are lighter in weight and higher in calories than MREs. They are also much cheaper.

MRE – Meal Ready to Eat is a self-contained food ration commonly used in the U.S. military. This emergency food option can be especially heavy as packaging is required to withstand a variety of circumstances, including parachute drop. They can weigh almost two pounds each. The resale of government-issued MREs is prohibited, but civilians can purchase them directly from the manufacturer.

NEMA – National Emergency Management Association oversees state emergency management directors.

OPSEC – Operations Security. A term frequently used to describe a prepper’s need/desire to keep their prepping supplies and plans private. Outsiders “in the know” can become a liability.

SAR/S&R – Search and Rescue

Sustainable – Anything that can be maintained long-term without significant damage to surroundings or oneself

TEOTWAWKI– The End of the World As We Know It


This glossary will be added to as terms come into use on this blog. If there are any terms you need explained, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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