Don’t Forget These Doomsday Food Prepping Essentials

When storing food for emergencies, it is imperative that you think beyond the food. Without a few doomsday food prepping tools, mealtime may not be as pleasurable as you had envisioned. Depending on the situation, you may not have access to the public utilities like electricity, water or natural gas that we have come to rely on for food preparation. And you can never be sure just how long you may be in the dark.

Solar Ovens will allow you to cook with only the power of the sun. They can reach temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite what one may think, they actually heat up rather quickly (within minutes). These are great for baking bread or even pizza and a perfect alternative when there is little or no access to electricity or fuel sources.

Fire Starter – We posted awhile back about Wise Food’s new fuel buckets. Emergency cooking is a good time to put this alternative fuel source to good use. Since it is non-volatile, you can easily store it without worrying about spontaneous combustion and flare-ups. It also lights in adverse weather conditions like wind and rain.

Water Filters are essential for prepping. As we have discussed many times, public water systems can become damaged or contaminated during disaster events. And you sure don’t want to go dipping into your nearest pond or steam for drinking water without proper filtering and purification. Katadyn is our favorite manufacturer of water purification systems and they have a variety to choose from.

Volcano Stoves are almost everything you could need for doomsday food prep all wrapped up in one portable package. These small outdoor stoves allow for cooking with wood, charcoal or propane. The collapsible design and carrying case make them easy to store and transport. You can do a wide range of food prep with just one stove.

WaterBricks are awesome for storing water prior to an emergency situation. Unlike rainwater systems orBOBs, water bricks are easy to transport holding only 3.5 gallons of water. They also stack for easy storage and are BPA-free and made of food grade materials.

Coffee Percolator – I do hope you didn’t just say, “huh?” Even if you are an avid coffee drinker, there is a good chance your cupboards do not currently house a percolator. This inexpensive little pot will brew you a great cup of joe on the stovetop or campfire – no electricity required. They also have a removable metal basket so no need to worry about paper coffee filters.

Hand-Powered Can Openers are also a no-brainer item that is often overlooked. This is a simple, inexpensive item. No one wants to sit around hungry during an emergency trying to figure out how to open those cans of delicious nutrition that you have been stockpiling for who knows how long. Throw an old school can opener in your preps and you will be good to go.

What items have you considered storing for emergency food prep?

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