Did Ted Cruz and Other Republican Presidential Hopefuls Just Get Bribed by the “SCAM” PAC?

Will All the Huge Amount of Donations by Billionaires to the Republican Presidential Hopefuls Loose them Base?

Not sure about any of you but I for one want an “American Person” and preferably on the far right of the constitution for our new president. I don’t care if this person is male, female, white, black, brown, green or purple. I have had enough of these career politicians with no backbone, no morals or values running our country into the ground. This article made me have to say something in regards to all this political crap.

I have been in favor of Ted Cruz and Ron Paul as both appear to be the best options available at this time to me. I know neither one is perfect but both have many high qualities I am interested in. The fact that these candidates are taking money from these billionaires is not a really good sign though. Then again if they don’t they sure don’t have a leg to stand on in the coming months for their bid at the presidency. What are we, the American people to do?

Comment below and let us know what you think about these super PACs and your preferred candidate.

Washington (CNN)Two low-profile Texas brothers have donated $15 million to support Sen. Ted Cruz, a record-setting contribution that amounts to the largest known donation so far in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Farris and Dan Wilks, billionaires who made their fortunes in the West Texas fracking boom, have given $15 million of the $38 million that the pro-Cruz super PAC, Keep the Promise, will disclose in election filings next week, according to sources outside the super PAC with knowledge of the giving.

The siblings earned their riches with the sale of their company Frac Tech for $3.5 billion in 2011, and since then have shuffled large contributions to the leading social conservative nonprofit groups that aren’t required to reveal their donors. But they will no longer be able to avoid detection after giving a historically large and early donation that now make the brothers two of America’s most prominent political donors.

“Our country was founded on the idea that our rights come from the Creator, not the government. I’m afraid we’re losing that,” Farris Wilks, a 63-year-old pastor in the small town of Cisco, said in a statement to CNN. “Unless we elect a principled conservative leader ready to stand up for our values, we’ll look back on what once was the land of opportunity and pass on a less prosperous nation to our children and grandchildren. That’s why we need Ted Cruz.”

Keep the Promise is technically four separate committees that give three families more control over their own super PAC. Most of the attention has focused on Robert Mercer, a New York hedge fund magnate who gave the second-most money to conservative groups in 2014 than any other Republican donor. Mercer has given $11 million of the $38 million raised, according to a leader of the super PACs. Another $10 million comes from Toby Neugebauer, a Houston investor and a personal friend of Cruz’s. The involvement of the Wilks brothers was first reported by National Review.

Together, their donations give Cruz and his allies more money than any other Republican except Jeb Bush, a surprising achievement for a firebrand senator more embraced at a Tea Party rally than at a black-tie business gala.

Friends and associates of the Wilks brothers say they are unaffected and unassuming, depicting them as hometown-loving Texans who morphed into billionaires over the course of a decade. Intensely private, those close to the pair say they are nervous about the spotlight that will shine on their church and their family thanks to the donations.

“If Dan and Farris walk into a room, they don’t want ever to be known, to be announced. They just come in and sit in the back,” said Luke Macias, a Texas political strategist who has worked with the family. “They are normal people. They dress normal. They show up normal.”

Several other Republican donors will make seven-digit contributions to super PACs, which can accept unlimited donations, that will dwarf sums recorded in 2012: Norman Braman, a Florida auto dealer, will reportedly give up to $10 million to Marco Rubio’s. Several Jeb Bush supporters are expected to have given $1 million to his and to be eager to give more. But the Wilks family’s $15 million donation — split between two people — is likely to be the largest gift to a candidate on next week’s reports.

Unlike some other mega-donors with an affinity for the ideological slugfest, the brothers shun giving that is meant purely for firepower in partisan fights. They choose specific projects over broad platforms. Through their $100 million family philanthropy, The Thirteen Foundation, the brothers gave nearly $19 million as part of their tithing to religious and conservative nonprofit groups like the Family Research Council and Online for Life in 2013, according to the most recent tax filings.

By Theodore Schleifer with CNN

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