CBRN Gas Mask

C50CBRN gas masks are designed to protect against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear dangers. This high quality respiratory device has been manufactured to make sure any lethal airborne dangers have been removed from the air you breathe so you can survive a dangerous attack. These gas masks are an essential tool for both first responders and the average concerned citizen who wants to be more certain they and their families survive any of the possible attacks they may encounter.

It has only been in the last decade the government has admitted there is a possibility for airborne terrorism and people need to be prepared and have the proper protection in place. With a CBRN gas mask, you need a full face piece designed to protect the eyes, nose and mouth from the hazards you may encounter.

Making sure your CBRN gas mask meets the U.S. Army Chemical Biological Center Standards

To make certain your CBRN gas masks are effective, they need to be CBRN compliant based on the stringent testing set down by the U.S. Army Chemical Biological Center Standards. By meeting this testing, devices are safer for you.

This begins by making certain the device has the ability to protect the user from chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats. During the testing process, the mask is tested to be sure there isn’t a risk of penetration or permeation while it is being worn. It is also tested to make sure user performance is effective and it can easily be carried or transported in emergency situations. Additionally, quality assurance testing is routinely done in the production line to be sure the standards continue to be met.

Advanced testing is also done to ensure high standards are met so in an extreme terrorist attack, these devices will hold up. One of these tests is to make sure at the highest concentration during a 15-minute window that the gas mask will provide you with adequate protection without you becoming a statistic. Also explored are whether the mask can hold up to hot desert environments, humid climates and other areas where the masks may be used.

Manufacturers of the CBRN gas mask also make certain the degrees of safety are maintained each time they test these masks. They need to explore the different possible chemicals and agents a person could potentially encounter. The goal is to make certain no matter what is put out there, the wearer of the mask has little likelihood of being affected by it.

Because of the nature of these threats, rules are in place to be sure you are safer. Testing touches on the interoperability of the mask along with the service life the mask will have. At the same time, the masks are inspected to determine their ability to fit the average person’s face, the impact it has on field of view and how its efficiency is with particulates. If all of these items are passed, the mask will be certified. As threats continue to evolve and new concerns are established, the qualifications are reevaluated and new certification requirements then need to be adhered to.

Understanding the Dangers of a Terrorist Attack and Your CBRN Mask

While the CBRN gas mask does protect you from chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats, it might not make sense to the novice. To understand what you are being protected from and the dangers associated with the terrorist attacks, you need to know what these mean.

The filtration system in the CBRN is designed to handle chemical agents that could cause you to have physical distress leading to death in some cases. It is important to understand that while some of them will kill organs themselves and cause death, others will cause blistering through the mucous membranes or cause nervous system damage when you come in contact with them. The most commonly used ones are cyanide, ricin, VX, mustard gas and sarin.

Both nuclear and radiological threats are going to be a concern as more terrorists focus on things like dirty bombs. Nuclear concerns can stem from the material used to build the threat and carry over to the detonation and aftermath associated with the explosion of these devices. In turn, a radiological concern may not be seen, smelled or tasted, but when it strikes, the aftermath can be brutal and violent.

Finally, biological agents are the other area where you will be protected from in a CBRN gas mask. These biological war items can paralyze you, spread like a viral infection, cause the blood stream to fill with toxins and cause a slow, painful death. While the most common bacteria and viruses are anthrax, botulism and in some cases, smallpox, others can be used as well.

When you have your CBRN gas mask equipped, you can be sure you and your loved ones are protected from all these dangers and more. Disaster can strike in a moment’s notice and it is up to you to make certain you are prepared to handle these concerns when it occurs.

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