The Best Doomsday Locations for Waiting Out a Disaster

EPI-14With so much recent civil, economic and climate unrest, there has been a lot of speculation about the safest places for a doomsday situation. The fact of the matter is, there may not be just one place. And the best location to escape an emergency event will depend on the emergency. A mountaintop in Turkey may be great, but it doesn’t do you much good if you can’t get there. Here are some legitimate, doable doomsday shelter options that won’t require a private plane, flying lessons and a personal stockpile of jet fuel.

Missile Silos


During the 1960s the U.S. military constructed numerous nuclear missile silos across the United States due to fears of a “missile gap” during the Cold War. These silos have long been abandoned and are currently being imploded to conform with recent international treaties. Though limited in number, there are several missile silos for sale currently. Some have been revamped into luxury homes, and others have been heavily salvaged and are in desperate need of repairs.


Doomsday Bunkers


If you cannot afford a million-dollar missile silo investment, one of the best doomsday locations for you may be your own home or personal property. Several companies in the United States specialize in doomsday bunkers. You can choose a prefabricated unit or have one custom made. These units can be retrofitted into (or underneath) your current residence or placed in a remote location that you also own. You can find a bunker to fit almost any budget.


Doomsday Condos


Another option is to purchase one of the luxury doomsday condos for sale. These apartment-like units are in decommissioned missile silos that have been purchased and rehabbed by real estate developers or special interest groups. You are not only purchasing a semi-private housing unit should a situation arise, but these doomsday communities come equipped with water, food, electricity, security and many of the day-to-day luxuries we now enjoy (salon, gym, etc) to get the residents through for one year.

  • Vivos (locations in the Nebraska, Indiana and the Rockies)
  • Survival Condo (Kansas)


Do It Yourself

You can always learn how to build a doomsday shelter yourself!
Survival Secrets – How To Build Your Doomsday Cabin!


Where is your preferred doomsday location? 

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