Apocalypse Survival Part II: Sanitation and Emergency Shelter

The first post in the apocalypse survival series addressed emergency water and food supplies. Part II is directed towards two more necessities for life; emergency shelter and sanitation.

Emergency Shelter

emergency shelter tentsIn the event of an earthquake or hurricane, many buildings may be left unstable and unsafe for habitation. Your family’s best bet may be to set up camp outdoors. Emergency Shelter Tents are cheap to acquire and easy to assemble. Tube tents can be purchased for under $10, or you can purchase the necessary items listed in the DIY survival checklist and build your own. Store blankets, sleeping bags and cool weather clothing with your emergency kit.

Disaster Sanitation

Maintaining good sanitation will be imperative. Antibiotics and over-the-counter medicines may be in short supply or unavailable. Prevention will be your best defense against intestinal disorders or possibly epidemic disease.

Hands must be washed before food handling and after using toilet facilities. There must be no exceptions to this rule. Recommended soaps and washing methods were discussed in the doomsday checklist.

Human waste is not a pleasant topic, but its discussion is necessary. Proper disposal is imperative to prevent the spread of disease. Until water lines have been cleared for safety, private and public toilets should not be used. You will need to provide for your own toilet facilities.

Urine is sterile. Because it is germ-free, its disposal is not a concern. Just be courteous to others.

Solid waste (feces) will be the primary health problem and will require proper disposal. Your emergency preparedness kit should include toilet paper, a scoop for digging and Clorox II powder, as burying solid waste is the preferred method of disposal. Dig a 2 foot by 6 inch latrine at least 2 feet deep. After use of the latrine, sprinkle a small amount of the Clorox II powder over the waste, then sprinkle a small amount of dirt over the Clorox II. Wash hands. When the latrine only has one foot of remaining space at the top, it should be filled and marked.

If burying is not an option, you may need a more complete If you do not choose to have a Sanitation Essentials in your doomsday arsenal. These small, portable toilet kits will allow for sterilizing and bagging of solid waste.

Disaster sanitation and emergency shelter can sometimes be overlooked when compared to water and food. They shouldn’t be. These necessities are just as imperative for apocalypse survival.

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