I have been prepping for over ten years now and would call myself a fairly competent individual on the subject. I have read and spent a lot of time and money learning what I now know. I have preps for two years of very basic foods and a year plus of really tasty items like those from Wise Company for my immediate family of four and extended family and friends of 10 more.

Of course extended family and friends are always contributing to our stockpile and are part of our group if something ever happens. They all live in and around the big city but all have plans and bug out bags to get to our location if anything or when SHTF.

Thankfully my family supports my decisions in prepping and has even become a part of it. My wife was the hardest one to get on board but finally came around. I am fortunate enough that I was able to move my family away from the big city and now live an hour and a half from it.

We live on 20+ wooded acres. Have a small heard of livestock from cows, goats, chickens, and horses to rabbits. We have a really large garden that is enclosed in our immediate home area. These items and lifestyle alone will make the difference when any SHTF scenario happens.

My wife does commute to the city but thankfully loves her daily drives. I work from home and my kids go to school about 25 minutes from our home. We live in a very secluded area way out in the country with only a couple of neighbors around us who are like minded and large acreages of ranch land of adjoin properties to ours.

Yes, you could say we live almost the perfect lifestyle for a family of preppers. Although as every prepper out there we are always learning new things and adding to our prepping supplies.

Thanks for reading and please enjoy my website.


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