7 Reasons to Grow Corn in Your Survival Garden


Grains are considered an essential staple crop. The most popular crops of rice, Corn (maize) and wheat are really significant staple crops for the world. There are different important agricultural crops being grown worldwide but statistics show that Corn is grown as one of the major crops. Would you like to grow it? The good thing is you can grow corn on a large plot of land or even in a small raised garden bed. I suggest at minimum, plant (4) 4’x8’ raised beds of corn per person in your survival garden. People who do grow it in your survival garden its suggested to consider these seven points.

1. Easy harvesting: As a matter of fact, corn is one of the best crops for the survival garden because of the easy harvesting nature. This crop can be harvested without any problem. Unlike wheat and rice it doesn’t need threshing and husking mechanically. Corn can be husked in the field with the help of any family member. From grandparents to the kids can help do the harvesting.

2. Easy preservation: Well, corn is among the leading crops that can be stored or preserved easily. There are two common methods being used to preserve corn. The first one is drying and the second one is canning. Both the methods are good. You can also make corn meal out of it and even flower.

3. It is nutritious: Corn is very rich in nutrition. It offers carbohydrates as well as plant based protein. Most of the nutrition experts recommend that corn be used with the legumes such as peas or beans. This will give a high source of protein. It is one of the best sources of energy for vegetarians.

4. Easy to grow: Corn doesn’t require a highly technical approach to grow. It is really easy and simple. Depending on the size of crop you wish to plant will determine if you should have a small tractor or not. Of course then in SHTF scenario you have to consider fuel, etc. for that tractor. For most of use a small plot will work just fine.

5. Seed availability: There are numerous varieties of commercial corn seed available. Of course for your survival garden you should only use Heirloom/ none GMO seeds. That way you can collect seed and regrow each year.

6. Carotenoids: Corn contains carotenoids, such as beta-carotene, that our bodies convert to vitamin A. It is also known that Beta Carotene plays an important role to help in the development of muscles due to the protein content.

7. Corn as a food source: Corn is a great crop that can be used as an ingredient in numerous other foods. You can make corn syrup, use it in soups and of course make corn bread. Corn is a great source of starch.

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