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By: Robert April 22, 2015


Over the years we have seen a lot of ‘survival TV shows’ making waves around all over the US. The simple fact this prepping lifestyle is happening around us every day and when it comes to family survival, most people are taking action. There are emergencies happening every day of course unforeseen such as hurricanes, robbery’s, environmental disasters and most importantly, those things that we fear the most the talk of what is coming. Keeping your family together in any of these situations is of up most importance. When you have a plan for your family, there will be a lot less to worry about and it will create a positive and safe atmosphere for all of you. Today, there is what is called the “Family Survival Course” that will help every member of your family prepare for the inevitable. Protecting the family is always a high priority and this is the reason this course was created.

I once believed that there was no need to worry about prepping like what I thought at the time was only done by a bunch of crazy people. At the time I erroneously believed that America was the safest place anyone could live. I thought that nothing bad was going to every happen to me and my family that the government could not help us with. How wrong was I when reality set in during the Katrina Hurricane and I so many families struggling for their lives and to keep one another together. Then the lack of help from the government, their lawlessness, and the supposed help that they did give was so unimaginable it made me sick to see what was happening. I then and there made it my utmost importance to make sure such a thing would never happen to my family no matter what situation or catastrophe may arise. This ended my years of living in ignorance and lack of preparedness for an emergency.

For more than ten years I have been prepping, reading and studying anything I could get my hands on, on how to survive such a situation. I spent so much on books and learning how to prep it is ridicules. However, you don’t have to spend such an enormous amount of time trying to learn what I have learned since I began my journey with a recently course I discovered titled the “Family Survival Course”.

What Is the “Family Survival Course”?

There is absolutely no possible way that if we leave the safety and survival of our families in the hands of the government that we would be safe or even survive a situation as I discussed above. A lot of shocking incidents have made me realized that we need to have some basic skills and information to survive on our own and prepping for such a situation. Planning has become one of life’s most important factors of ensuring that any strategy is effective toward family survival. Prepping will involve learning skills, accumulating gear, basic necessities and making use of what you have learned, testing the information and your ability to see how far that they can work when things are happening in real life events. That’s where the “Family Survival Course” comes into play.

Factors for Family Survival

There are factors that are necessary for you and your family to survive a catastrophe, such as;

  1. Water
  2. Food
  3. Energy
  4. Self defense
  5. Health
  6. Other Supplies

These topics have been detailed and covered to help you understand how best to collect and use. There is no need to spend vast amounts of time reading books on prepping and survival anymore with this newly developed, and I might add, excellent family survival course. It is simple to understand, implement and apply to your new way of life. There is a listing of all the important items that you need to use for a 72 hour survival kit also known as a get home bag or as some prefer a bug out bag.

The best thing about the “Family Survival Course” is that it is unbiased, honest, straight forward and a complete book on prepping. It will help you in making the right choices and prepping/ surviving the most horrible situation that you and your family could ever face.

Why You Need This Course

This course has been formulated for actual use when it comes to prepping for any crisis. The principles that are presented at every stage are applicable with real life examples of how to apply them. There are checklists that will give you the help you need in implementing your road to prepping. The real examples that are illustrated give you an idea of how to survive and the task sequence stages are highlighted for you to reference when you need to. This course is for every family starting or even continuing with their preps. This is one of the things that make the information in the course so easy to implement.

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